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Staff Login

Academy Staff and Directors may log on to the following areas below.

Staff Email

Staff Portal (Portico)


Information on Portico

Portico is our new file transfer system which replaces the older CAT-PORTAL.NET.  Portico allows access to all your files from anywhere in the world using any computer or mobile device via any browser.

To login please click the link above.  You can add this link to your favourites for ease of access.  The link will be added automatically on Chulmleigh Academy Trust provided laptops. Use your normal school network login credentials to gain access.

You will be able to access the R drive (Resources), S drive (Staff only), T drive (Temp Work) and U Drive. Simply browse the directory structure and click a file to download it locally, you can then work on it and upload it back to the network as required.

To upload /copy /move and create folder you need to click the Manage Files button at the top right of the screen, this will then activate a number of additional buttons under the file list to allow you to use these features.

Important Note - When you download files and work on them this is done locally on your computer. If you need these changes back in school you must either upload the file to the network using Manage Files mode or copy it back from your laptop in school.  Files CANNOT be saved from within applications directly back to the network.