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Performance Boards

Governance of the Trust

Chulmleigh Academy Trust is governed by the Board of Directors.

Why have Performance Boards?

The Trust has two Performance Boards; one for the College and another for the three primary schools in the Trust. 

Who is on the Performance Boards?

The Performance Boards consists of:

  • The Executive Headteacher
  • A Deputy Executive Headteacher 
  • The heads of the schools
  • Two College Parents (on the Secondary Performance Board) and three primary school parents (one from each school on the Primary Performance Board)
  • Three Directors of the Trust

What is the Function of the Performance Boards?

The boards have a key function in supporting the schools, and influencing and shaping decisions that affect the schools.
Each Performance Board has the following responsibility:

    • Consider matters such as the performance of the schools, safeguarding and the welfare of the children
    • Act as a critical friend to the Senior Leadership Team
    • Promote the vision and values of the Trust
    • Support Ethos, Behaviour and Safeguarding
    • Consider the school environment, including safety and facilities provision
    • Consider parent and staff liaison and relations
    • Contribute to knowledge about strengths of the school and improvement priorities
    • Act as consultees in relation to strategic developments affecting the school

The Board of Directors may also ask the Performance Board to respond to questions and requests on specific issues.

What is the commitment for parent members?

The Boards meet three to four times a year, remotely, on Microsoft Teams, for approximately one hour during the day.

How are the meetings organised?

The meeting dates and times will be scheduled annually by the Board of Directors, appreciating that there may be a need to reorganise meetings from time-to time.
The Clerk to the Directors will circulate agendas and take and circulate minutes.
When the minutes have been approved, they will be forwarded to the rest of the Board of Directors