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The Directors of the Trust play an essential role in the leadership of the schools. It is their duty to make decisions on the strategic direction of the Trust, set strategic goals and targets for each of the schools, and assess the progress the schools are making towards those targets.

The Trust is fortunate enough to have a very balanced Board of Directors, from a variety of backgrounds, with each Director bringing a specific area of strength or skill to the team. Whatever their background, however, every one of our Directors shares an absolute commitment to ensuring that every child in the Trust obtains the best education possible, whichever of our schools they attend.

Directors are appointed for a term of office of four years.

The Structure of the Governing Body
The Full Governing Board meets four times a year, with directors also serving on sub-committees, meeting periodically throughout the year.  In addition, directors may also be members of smaller committees, convened when necessary.  Each committee has its own terms of reference and delegated responsibilities.

Click to view Scheme of Delegation.

Every director has a portfolio area that they are responsible for, e.g. safeguarding, health & safety, finance, acting as a link director, making enquiries of the relevant staff and reporting back to the governing board. 
The Board also has a director linked to each school in the Trust.

Governing Board Business Interests Form
Register of Business Interests

Governing Board Attendance Record
Attendance Record 2022-2023